IN THE MOOD is a celebration of the music of the 1930s & '40s – the Big Band era. It was the last time that all Americans were listening and dancing to the same kind of music. With our live sensational 13-piece String of Pearls Big Band Orchestra and our fabulous IN THE MOOD Singers and Dancers, the great melodies and lyrics that are still with us today are presented in a musical revue that is jazzy, sentimental, rhythmic, nostalgic and patriotic – all happening at the same time. With music arrangements, costumes and choreography IN THE MOOD is as authentic as it gets.

For over 2 hours this big retro event will hold audiences of all generations enthralled with its singers, dancers, period costumes and a big band delivering songs with choreographed dance routines and shear American pizzazz!

"Seeing IN THE MOOD isn't an option.  You must!"

Mattison's Bayside at the Van Wezel

Park. Dine. Delight.

Van Wezel dining in the Grand Foyer before the show!

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