Ringling Town Hall - Jared Cohen

According to Jared Cohen, “You can’t understand the future of anything without applying both a physical and digital lens to it. There’s no such thing as cyberspace. There’s no such thing as physical space. It’s one world and companies and individuals are going to have to interact on both fronts.” As the president of the world’s preeminent technology incubator, Jigsaw (previously, Google Ideas, a top-ranked global think tank), chief advisor to Alphabet Executive Chairman (former Google CEO) Eric Schmidt, a best-selling author, advisor to two Secretaries of State and traveler to 93 countries, Cohen looks through both lenses with an acuity of vision and foresight that few on the planet possess. Whether he’s sharing his risky encounters with Somali pirates or his celebrated meeting with the Pope to talk ethics in tech innovation — Cohen’s dual-lens, wide-angle view informs the current state of the world, your industry or organization. It could even illuminate its future.

Identified simply as “Jared Cohen, Idea Man” when he was named as one of Time’s “100 Most Influential People,” Cohen has spent his remarkable career at the nexus of business, technology and global politics. After Stanford and Oxford, he joined the policy planning staff at the U.S. Department of State, advising both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. In 2010, he founded the highly influential think tank Google Ideas.

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