MOMIX's Internationally acclaimed dancer-illusionist conjure the magical world of the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts in this stunning reimagining of Lewis Carroll's novel.  Journey down the rabbit hole with MOMIX and the visionary choreography of Artistic Director Moses Pendleton.  Filled with visual splendor and startling creative movement, Alice reveals that nothing in MOMIX's world is as it seems!  ONLY 11:45AM PERFORMANCE AVAILABLE - NO HOMESCHOOL SEATING.  

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Study Guides and More!

To assist educators who wish to best prepare their students to attend Van Wezel Schooltime Virtual Performances and bring arts-based learning to their classrooms, learning materials are provided for each performance.

Program Information

  • Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Audience: All Ages
  • Curricula tie-ins:
    Art, Dance, Movement, Music, Storytelling

Dates and Contact

Requests will be honored on a first come first served basis and some shows have maximum audience sizes. For more information, contact (941) 263-6750 or