Ever wish Jesus would come back as a stand-up comedian? Well, your prayers have been answered. The second coming is no longer coming, it’s here! And it’s called STAND-UP JESUS!  Blessed be the punchlines!

Yes, our lord and savior is back and this time he’s no longer a carpenter. He’s a stand-up comedian hell-bent on preaching what he created on the 8th day.


Come bear witness to a truth that hurts and a truth that’s funny with Robert Dubac’s STAND-UP JESUS!  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done; and it will be done with divine satire that is irreverent, sacrilegious and above all, hysterical! 

Heaven help us?  Hell, yeah! 

Mattison's Bayside at the Van Wezel

Park. Dine. Delight.

Van Wezel dining in the Grand Foyer before the show!

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