Kat Timpf - I Used to Like You Tour

From studio to stage, comedian Kat Timpf is taking her I USED TO LIKE YOU TOUR on the road in a hilarious live show experience that will leave you wanting more.  Ripped from the pages of her new book, Kat takes the audience on a deep dive through her notoriously whacky stories, outrageous misadventures, and the colorful cast of characters she’s met along the way. Despite the trials and tribulations that life throws at her, Kat shares her unique perspective on the world and how the power of laughter and comedy has helped her to survive and thrive.

With her signature raw honesty and seemingly limitless vulnerability, Timpf shows us why a single point of difference, disagreement or affiliation should never be enough to write off another person -- giving us all permission to connect with one another during this time of extreme division. She’s guaranteed to have you laughing, thinking, and leaving with a deeper sense of community than ever before. 

Ticket prices include all tax, fees and parking. ADD-ON Package prices include VIP fees & taxes.


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Mattison's Bayside at the Van Wezel

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Van Wezel dining in the Grand Foyer before the show!

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